About Me


I studied Physics and Mathematics at James Madison University with minors in Music, Astronomy, Business, and Jazz.  For three summer seasons, two holiday seasons, and one Halloween season, I was a trumpet and flugelhorn player for Busch Gardens performing in different production shows for the theme park.


In early 2013, I ran the Goofy Marathon and a Half Challenge at Disney World. I’ve never felt so good and bad at the same time.MarathonAfter my legs recovered, I was a trumpet and flugelhorn player on a cruise ship for Royal Caribbean where I traveled throughout the Caribbean Islands, saw the Panama Canal, and crossed the Atlantic Ocean from St. Thomas to Portugal. For a short time in 2017, I performed with Princess Cruises in Australia and the Philippines.Trumpet I attended graduate school at the University of Bradford to pursue a Master of Science in Computer Animation and Visual Effects. I wanted to pursue my dream of combining my Physics and Math background into animation and this also gave me the opportunity to live abroad in England.england

When it came time to pick a topic for my Master’s Thesis, I was inspired to apply a theory developed by my math professors at James Madison University to physical simulations in computer graphics. The Parker-Sochacki method, at the time, had never been test in the field of animation and I wanted to find out if there were spots where it would do a lot of good. I moved to Provo, Utah to be a visiting student at Brigham Young University after completing my coursework at the University of Bradford. I lived in Utah for over a year taking classes, finishing my thesis requirements for the University of Bradford, and doing research with the Parker-Sochacki method. In the fall of 2015, I moved to Toronto for an internship with Side Effects. While I was there, my research was passed to Disney Interactive: Avalanche Studios. Before my internship in Toronto ended, I was offered an internship to apply my research to simulations on the Disney Infinity video game.

I moved to Salt Lake City in January of 2016 and was an intern until June. In May, they announced the shut down of the studio ending the work I have done.

I moved back to my hometown of Virginia Beach in the fall of 2016.





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