About Me


I studied Physics and Mathematics at James Madison University with minors in Music, Astronomy, Business, and Jazz.  For three summer seasons, two holiday seasons, and one Halloween season, I was a trumpet and flugelhorn player for Busch Gardens performing in different production shows in the theme park.


In early 2013, I ran the Goofy Marathon and a Half Challenge at Disney World where you run a half marathon followed by a full marathon the next day. I’ve never felt so good and bad at the same time.MarathonSoon after, I was a trumpet and flugelhorn player on a cruise ship for Royal Caribbean where I traveled throughout the Caribbean Islands, saw the Panama Canal, and crossed the Atlantic Ocean from St. Thomas to Portugal. For a short time in 2017, I performed with Princess Cruises in Australia and the Philippines.Trumpet I attended graduate school at the University of Bradford to pursue a Master of Science in Computer Animation and Visual Effects. I wanted to combine my Physics and Math background with animation. This also gave me the opportunity to live abroad in England.england

When it came time to pick a topic for my Master’s Thesis, I was inspired to apply a theory developed by my math professors at James Madison University to physical simulations in computer graphics. This is most of what you see on the website. The Parker-Sochacki method, at the time, had never been test in the field of animation and I wanted to find out if there were spots where it would have some type of advantage over other numerical methods. In April of 2014, I moved to Provo, Utah to be a visiting student at Brigham Young University after completing my coursework at the University of Bradford. I lived in Utah for over a year taking classes, finishing my thesis requirements for the University of Bradford, and doing research with the Parker-Sochacki method.


In the fall of 2015, I moved to Toronto for an internship with Side Effects where I mostly did testing. It was an incredible experience and the second time I was able to live abroad for a few months.


While I lived in Toronto, my research was passed to Disney Interactive: Avalanche Studios. Before my internship in Toronto ended, I was offered an internship to apply my research to simulations on the Disney Infinity video game.

I moved to Salt Lake City in January of 2016 and was an intern until June.  Soon after the studio shut down but it was an absolutely incredible experience.


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