Where are you now?

My internship with Side Effects in Toronto ended on December 18, 2015. I am grateful for the opportunity to test different effects, create my own Rigid Body examples for users, and improve every example file. I’m grateful that people clapped for me in my last meeting and it meant a lot that they would consider me in the future.

I went to Boston for Christmas to catch up with a childhood friend I haven’t seen in over 3 years. I also caught up with a friend I haven’t seen in about 8 years. Boston is a beautiful area. There was a Pixar exhibit that I made sure to see at the Museum of Science.

I spent a brief amount of time at home in Virginia Beach for the new year and then moved to Salt Lake City for my next internship.

I am currently an intern at Disney Interactive doing research for the Infinity game. I can’t go into details of what I am working on but this next step goes until early June. It is awesome. I am very happy here.

This also means that I cannot do posts with Parker-Sochacki as frequently. But I am working on other Parker-Sochacki simulations that I will post about.

Take care,

Adam Wermus

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