Notes on my Co-Op at Side Effects

Today is the last day of my co-op position at Side Effects. This isn’t a Parker-Sochacki blog. I wanted to talk about what I did here.

For the first month, I tested fluid, cloth, and pyro simulations for the release of Houdini 15. I tested fluid and cloth simulations by going through the example files and reporting any bugs I ran into.

Next, I modeled and textured a rocket launcher. The point of this was to report any modeling and texturing bugs I ran into. Then came in the pyro simulations. I created a flamethrower simulation and a napalm explosion simulation. Renders of this are in previous blogs.

The most common error would be a segmentation fault when the simulation would play.

Finally was the main contribution here in Toronto. I updated every example file with notes that are visible to users. They should all be up by early February of 2016. This should make it easier for users to figure things out.

I also created several Rigid Body example files that are designed for new users learning about Rigid Body simulations for the first time. I showed the effects of changing “Bounce” or “Friction” rather than just said what happens.

Also, once a week, I was permitted to pursue my own research of implementing the Parker-Sochacki method.

This was a wonderful experience that I am grateful to have been part of. Thank you Side Effects for this 3-month opportunity. It’s given me experience with testing and felt like a study abroad.

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