Rocket Launcher Pyro Simulation

I wanted to talk about my first project with SideFX in Toronto. In an earlier post, I mentioned that I have a co-op position with SideFX that goes from the middle of September until the middle of December.

When I first came here, it was right before the release of Houdini 15. There wasn’t a set project for assigned yet so I wanted to see any way I could help with the release of Houdini 15 a few weeks away. My first project was going through all of the fluid and cloth examples reporting any issues I find(more or less I just checked it they work or not).

After that, my assignment was to model and texture a rocket launcher. After that, I was supposed to create two pyro simulations: one of a flamethrower effect and one of a napalm effect. While doing this I would report any bugs that I find. This was also a great opportunity for me to learn a little modeling, texturing, and pyro simulations in Houdini. I did not use any HDRI images to enhance the renders.

Here is a screenshot of the rocket launcher:Rocket_Lanch

Without going into detail, I did find some bugs in modeling and texturing(especially here) that were helpful.

It took some time to get the right parameter settings inside Houdini but here is a youtube video of the flamethrower:

Here is a youtube video of the napalm simulation:

This is giving me a broader perspective than just the Parker-Sochacki research I have been pursuing. I want to be well rounded and valuable in the industry so it is nice to do a little of the artistic side.

You are awesome!

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